Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma

You need a good organizer to make it possible for us to meet with you all or to create for true music lovers; for this, Banyan Tree has made a huge contribution not only in Mumbai but across the country.

Late Pandit Ravi Shankar

Performing with Banyan Tree has truly been a rewarding experience, I wish them all the very best.

Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia

I truly wish Banyan Tree the best in all their endeavours and I admire indeed their dedication towards the preservation of our classical arts forms

Ustad Shujaat Khan

I work with many people in the world but working with Banyan Tree becomes very special because apart from being the musician & organizers, we are very close friends. I feel very comfortable because each and everyone looks after me and hence it becomes big pleasure working with them. They are very genuine people and I like working with genuine people.

Rahul Sharma

Playing for Banyan Tree has always been lovely because they are like a family to me. It is like a nice gathering for me, where I know I am going to meet friends. I have been associated with Banyan Tree since 1996. In fact they were people to do my very first concert, Santoor Viraasat with my Father and Zakir bhai, which went to four cities. So my relationship with them is from back then, when I started my career and it is still going on very strong.

Banyan tree amazing bridge the gap between the performers and the audiences, because not only are they doing concerts in different seasons but also taking it to about 9 cities which is amazing.

The listeners now have come to recognize Banyan Tree as a premier events organization. Also when it is Banyan Tree event it is guaranteed that they will get a value for their money concert.

I saw in the Banyan Tree team passion, sincerity and enthusiasm and that’s why TCS has been supporting their activities over a period of time. Also, the work they have been doing in tracking down artists from remote areas of the country and providing them a platform to showcase their talent, I thought was a phenomenal innovation in the field of music.

S. Ramadorai
Vice Chairman, Tata Consultancy Services.

Associating with Banyan Tree has been a process of great creative synergy for us at IndusInd Bank, especially the success that our joint activity Kala Viraasat has turned out to be.

Romesh Sobti
MD & CEO of IndusInd Bank

Apart from being a regular attendee at most of Banyan Tree’s festivals, I find that the high quality of their work really sets them apart.

Abhay Aima
Country Head, Equities and Pvt Banking Group, HDFC Bank

Birla Sun Life Insurance is now closely associated with Teen Prahar, the brand created by Banyan Tree that we have been supporting for the past five years and the experience has been more than satisfying.

Ajay Srinivasan
Chief Executive, Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group

Banyan Tree is a phenomenal organization. I think the fact that they are coming out with new concepts which not only provide entertainment but also more importantly lead to development of the art that they have looked at. And I think that’s different about Banyan Tree compared to the other organizations that they are promoting a certain culture a certain art and incidentally people who like it can come enjoy their concerts.

Mr. Aditya Puri
Managing Director, HDFC Bank

I have had an association with Banyan Tree, their concepts are different and they have a passion and sincerity in the event they present. I think, for Banyan Tree its events are not a commercial venture, it is more of building art, finding out new musicians and combinations, and that is what I like.

Ajay Srinivasan
Chief Executive, Financial Services, Aditya Birla Group