Root Folkways


Folk Heritage from India…

India is well known for her cultural diversity and its folk music comprises of some of the most beautiful traditions. Embodying a mix of the ancient and the modern, folk as genre includes living traditions across the country in almost all the states. Many of them have survived through the centuries – through historical changes, climactic challenges, political upheavals and more…and continue to live in the memory and hearts of the people.

…and the World

While India is exceptionally rich with so many living traditions, there are many other countries too which boast of a rich heritage of folk music. Though not all of them may have travelled down centuries, orally transmitted in an uninterrupted flow, many of them are part of the folk repertoire and in some cases even contribute to the definition and revival of the folk repertoire in their respective regions.

Celebrating Life in countless expressions!

What binds folk traditions from both India and the World is that each of them contained unique expressions of each community as they celebrated the myriad phases of life…Expressions of joy, sorrow, stability, nostalgia and more for various occasions – Rites of passage, festivals of harvest, village fairs, entertaining guests, birth of children, simple household chores and even death. There are also songs appreciating the grandeur of nature, boatman songs, rain songs, songs dedicated to animals, insects … The list is endless.

In addition, there are folk epics unique to each region, apart from unique instruments created in various regions. From north to south, to east to west, the sheer variety of this genre is simply amazing.

All in all, Root Folkways will present folk music, dance and songs with enchanting music, brilliance of colour, vibrant energy, promising joy to audience of all age groups. Also watch out for unique collaborations between Indian and International artistes and a specially designed Folk Heritage Mela as part of the festival.

Root Folkways is an ode to the free spirit of mankind that connects to nature instantly and celebrates the smallest of occasions with full enthusiasm.