Overseas Events

Apart from promoting Indian artists in India, we also can present them for corporate events or any public events anywhere in the world. Banyan Tree is also known for bringing international artists from different countries to India and feature them in our festivals as well as corporate events across the country.

Millennium stage at Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, USA

Banyan Tree’s Taal India; was showcased at Millennium stage at Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, USA in 2011. It is a specially created percussion ensemble unique in its look, feel and vibrancy, featuring some of the most popular as well as rare, exotic folk instruments.

The ensemble largely impressed the American society with our rich percussion heritage, the skill and effervescence of the performers. It truly was a satisfying experience since the feeling of Indian pride and enthusiasm was visible amongst the Indians attending the concert.

Giving Indian platform to International Artists

Banyan Tree has been enchanting the music lovers time and again with unique blends of Indian and International artists through its various Branded events. Through these events, Banyan Tree has associated with many International artists in the past namely Gwyneth Wentink, George Brooks, Richard Clayderman, Buddy Wells, Phil Maturano, Pete Lockett, musicians and dancers from Turkey, Whirling dervishes and musicians from Egypt, musicians from Iran, Sudan, South Africa, Bulgaria amongst many others.