As the name suggests this is a very special gift from Banyan Tree to the all Music lovers.

In the year 2010 Banyan Tree achieved the never before combination coup by getting together two maestros who are ambassadors of an ancient tradition but have at the same time, reinvented their styles to create a new identity for their music, the legendary prince of romance the highly successful, international artiste Richard Clayderman on the piano along with him was the genius, who always treads the untrodden path, the artiste who has with élan lived up to the great legacy of his father, the perfect example of a new Indian musician from India, Rahul Sharma. These two artistes came together in Mumbai and Hyderabad to create history. The other first ever combination featured in Milan was that of Rahul Sharma along with a renowned Saxophonist Buddy Wells from South Africa and V. Selvaganesh on Kanjira.

Cities: Mumbai and Hyderabad

Partner/s: Various companies

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