One of the most romantic and beautiful styles of poetry, mostly written in Urdu and Hindi, Ghazals have a unique charm and lyrical beauty of their own. In just two lines the poet weaves an enchanting world of emotions and sensitive stories of love, separation and union. While Ghazals were a very popular genre through nineteen fifties, sixties, seventies and even early eighties, since last two decades it is rare to see an evening of Ghazals. Hence, we conceived Humrahi, the first ever Ghazal festival of its kind which will feature the best of exponents of this form as well as introduce new budding talents in four different cities of India.

The other reason to create this festival apart form reviving the form is the fact that in this time and age of fast food and speed travel, so many are feeling the need to halt and appreciate sensitive, subtler aspects of life. This festival will also be an answer to this unmet need with all the charm of the nuanced verse brought alive by rich, trained voices.

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