Events for the Government

There are several events that Banyan Tree has created for various state governments mainly for the Culture and Tourism departments as well as for the other government bodies.

Gujarat Tourism – One of the most prestigious and remarkable being the inaugural event of Dandi Kutir Museum held on 8th January 2015 in Ahmedabad by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Andhra Pradesh Tourism – We have also designed and executed Taramati Music festival, Premavati Dance festival and Golconda Cultural festival for the government of Andhra Pradesh. Each of these festivals was a three day gala affair and showcased the best of rare forms as well as superstar performers. Besides, we created, designed and executed the Nagarjuna Sagar festival held at the 3rd century amphitheatre Anupu, a Buddhist site at Nagarjuna Sagar held in the year 2013.

Chhattisgarh Tourism Board – A three day Sirpur National Dance & Music Festival which was held at the 800 year old heritage site of the famous Laxman temple at Sirpur and was attended by over 3000 strong audiences each day.
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation – The Elephanta festival held at the ancient Elephanta caves of Mumbai.


Elephanta Festival for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation


Taramati Festival


Taramati Music Festival in association with Andhra Pradesh Tourism

While it is common to see a monument built by a king in the memory of his queen, it is rare to come across a site dedicated to a performing artist. That is what makes Taramati Baradari so special. Today, both Taramati and Quli Qutub Shah are relegated in the faded pages of history. However, what is left is the reminder of a life dedicated to music, to aesthetics, to service. With a festival dedicated to Taramati’s Tapasya, we have paid our respects to her; in the process created new audiences for the performing arts. And, by creating a host of activities in and around the site, have generated revenue for the locals as well.


Premavati Dance Festival in association with Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department

As the name suggests this dance festival is dedicated to Premavati the legendary dancer and contemporary of Taramati. She dedicated her life to dance. As a mark of respect to her Tapasya, this festival presents the best of dancers from all over the country representing a vast spectrum of dance forms.

Golconda Festival

Banyan Tree in association with the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation had revived the very spirit of Golconda by giving it a new lease of life. Like the preceding festivals; Taramati & Premavati, this too had been especially designed by Banyan Tree to give boost to the revival of the monument and through it to the very cultural scenario of Hyderabad.

Nagaur Sufi Darbar

Banyan Tree had conceptualized and designed a Sufi Music Festival for the Mehrangarh Museum Trust to revive the rich tradition and cultural heritage of the Nagaur Fort by creating a unique Sufi festival in Nagaur, Rajasthan. This festival was managed by Banyan Tree for the first 2 years since its inception.

Kumbhalgarh festival for Government of Rajasthan


National dance and music festival for Government of Chhattisgarh