Just like the Hindustani (North Indian) Classical Music, the wealth of Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Music too is a living tradition. A tradition, that has truly stood the test of time. Dynasties rose and dissolved in the faded pages of history; electronic media brought the entire universe into every household…all underwent changes to smaller or greater degrees. Through all this the one reference point, an unshakeable pillar of strength that the entire south India could fall back upon, and feel reassured regarding its untouched identity has been Carnatic Music.

Dakshinayan was created with the aim of creating new audiences for this genre among non-south Indians.

The festival celebrates the age old and finely evolved tradition of Carnatic Music as a two day event with a wide range and variety of artistes. Now a decade old, the festival has earned loyal audiences in all the cities it is presented, and has also succeeded in creating new audiences.

Dakshinayan: (A dedicated festival of Carnatic music)

Cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Pune

Partners: Various companies

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