Brahmaputra Raga Jazz

Northeast India is gifted with a unique sensibility of music. There are numerous virtuoso performers whose works reflect heavy metal, classical rock, grunge, ballads, soft rock and so on with each group having its own signature tune and a huge following of afficionados.

Brahmaputra Raga Jazz is an idea towards identifying and promoting such young and talented bands from Northeast India. These bands could be based out of any city across India and may not yet have got an opportunity to showcase their true talent.

In the process of discovering new music, Brahmaputra Raga Jazz seeks to be a two-way enriching process where music of the Northeast and Ancient Indian Ragas will mingle. This unique musical bridge would create a greater understanding between the two genres.

This project will be dedicated to the renowned legendary creative genius, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, an icon of Northeast Indian Culture.

Brahmaputra Raga Jazz is an initiative by Banyan Tree Events.