Anant Gatha

Over the past few decades we have witnessed ‘shortening and quickening’ of almost all aspects of life. The world of music is no exception. As per the demands of the present times, there are usually 3 or even 4 performers in one evening. While this has its own merits; the real connoisseurs are missing the era when each artist had ample time and hence the liberty to unfold the chosen raga in all its grandeur, with deep meditative aalaaps for an hour or may be more; create the ambience seeped into the mood and then proceed to the next part so that all could experience the music in its totality.

It is with this aim of recreating the magic of a full length concert of the bygone era, that Anant Gatha was launched in 2014 featuring ONE MAESTRO in ONE EVENING.

Cities: Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad